Allure of the Sea | Inside World’s Most Expensive 7-Star Cruise Ship

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“Allure of the Sea” the name itself is demonstrating the elegance of this luxurious cruise ship. Ever since these giant boats have started becoming a major attraction to tourist and travelers, architectural and engineering marvels continue to bring more wonders to the ocean. And Allure of the Sea cruise ship is unarguably the best suiting example here.

After all, the features, materials and structure used in the cruise ships makes it the world’s most expensive moving hotel to live and stay-in. The 7-star hotel is special in multiple ways and this article is entirely about it.

Allure of the Sea: The 7 star hotel explained

Allure of the sea concert hall and inside pics

Unlike standard Cruise ships or Quantum Class ships, “Allure of the Sea” is an Oasis Ship that offers tons of dining choices to the guest. The ship is currently owned by a famous cruise-line brand Royal Caribbean International. As of 2018, the Oasis class ship built its image as the largest passenger vessels ever in service.

Allure of the Sea Vs Oasis of the Sea

Allure of the sea vs oasis of the sea difference

The Ship is 50 Millimeters Longer Than her Sister Ship ‘Oasis of the Sea’ though both are world’s most luxurious cruise ships ever built with similar specifications. The size of both ships is around 362 m in length, but Allure of the Sea dominates by some extra small numbers.

Cost is Around $1.4bn

Allure of the ship cost and things to do with kids inside the 7 star moving hotel

The luxurious and the world’s most expensive cruise ship ‘Allure of the Sea’ is the latest cruise ship in the Oasis class. It was built at a cost of around $1.4 Billion Dollar and has been renowned as the largest passenger ship ever constructed to its launch date.

Accommodates 6,296 Guests and 2,384 Crew Members

Allure of the sea cruise ship rooms and multiple floors

The cruise ship can readily serve a great experience to almost 10,000 guest right in the ocean. The onboard Starbucks, a 1,380-seat theatre, an ice-skating rink, a two-deck dance hall, and 25 dining options are an added glory of Allure. Allure of the seas rooms has 24×7 hours services as well after all it is a moving 7 star hotel.

Booking Rate: Starting From $261 Per Person

Allure of the Sea Booking Rate: Starting From $261 Per Person

The ship is also loaded some extra features and architectural wonders that are wow-worthy. But this memorable experience can cost you around $261/person for 4 nights. But in case you want to spend some extra moments watching the beauty of world’s most expensive hotel, then you must be convinced to pay for Allure of the Sea Ticket price $431/person for 7 night stay. Visit here to know the further details.

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