BTS member Kim Taehyung: The World’s Most Expensive Ambassador

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The most expensive brand ambassador in the world charges in multi-figures for its appearance is Kim Taehyung, better known by his stage name V, from the world-famous K-pop band BTS.

The BTS famous V who was born on 30 December 1995 age 26 years old and is renowned for both his stunning looks and incredible voice who have recently crossed 44 million+ followers on Instagram within 135 days of his debut.


Three years in a row, in 2020, 2021, and 2022, he was awarded the World’s Most Attractive Man. Fans appreciate him for his stylish appearance.

BTS V seems to have the talent to look good in every clothing. And since h e often appears to flaunt in Gucci designer outfits, fans have given him the nickname Gucci boy as well. 

But recently, Kim Taehyung has been dubbed “The Most Expensive Brand Ambassador In The World” and report has been confirmed by Korean media. The singer and stylish influencer charges 1 BILLION won for brand dealings.

The figures are huge. The 1 Billion South Korean Won is 7,70,519.90 in United States Dollar.

Similarly, the 1 Billion South Korean Won is 6,03,20,410.00 in Indian Rupee.

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