Man Recreates $28M Rolls Royce Boat Tail

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Unfortunately, the dream of owing a luxury car seems a far-off to many middle class families. But rather than feeling down for the fate, few people search for innovative ways to experience the luxury.

Like this time a water has built a Roll Royce Boat Tail for his son who wanted to ride in a brand new model of Rolls Royce.

It’s worth noting that the real Rolls Royce Boat Tail 2022 model has an estimated value of $28 million and knowing that this father can’t afford the luxury dream of his son for now, he took an initiative to recreate Rolls Royce Boat Tail car that looks exactly similar to the real model.

As you can see in the video’s caption. The rolls royce boat tail took 96 days to complete. But the end results worth every single penny. These videos have been shared by Minister of Infrastructure Abuja, Nigeria who seems can’t stop himself appraising the job done by these people.

However the video was previously shared by ND WoodWorking Arts a few months ago that has again capturing people’s attention with the official launch of Boat Tail by Rolls Royce.

Sahil Dhimaan
Sahil Dhimaan

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