School Girl with One Leg, No Slipper Get Support

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If you have ever been short of motivation or you long been complaining to god for the bad and unhappy things you have in your life then after this video you are may be forced to change your opinion.

The video has recently been shared by Chairman of Mahindra Aerospace, Mahindra Defence & Mahindra CIE Automotive – Mr SP Shukla, in which a girl named Sima with only one leg and no slippers or shoes in feet daily goes to school.

Here’s that world’s most beautiful little girl carrying a strong determination and an inspiring message for us.

The video was previously shared by TV9 Bihar Jharkhand and have been viewed and liked by thousands of people so far. According to the news channel, the little girl is from Jamui District, Bihar who unfortunately had her one leg lost in an accident.

And ever since then she goes to school on her one leg that’s at distance of 1 kilometer from her house. As the video makes headlines on social media platforms, the girl who currently studies in a Bihar’s Government school in 4th standard starts getting help from some people.

Since Sima’s parents are daily wage workers, they couldn’t afford her new leg or wheelchair. But soon after this video goas viral, the girl starts getting help from celebrities and politicians.

Among one of them, as usual, Bollywood actor and social worker Soonu Sood was at the top who assured the girl and audience that soon Sima will be able to go to school on her both legs.

sonu sood foundation to support school girl with no leg named sima from jamui bihar district

Someone has even offered the girl a wheelchair before so that she could readily go to her school. More people however also came forward to support the specially-abled girl in getting education.

But the good thing is that the girl no longer need to go to school on her one lag as actor as Sima has successfully got prosthetic legs for herself.

Meet Sima from Jamui, Bihar after successfully getting her second leg back in her life.


People are cheering her again and are showering blessings on all of them who step ahead to support specially-abled girl. And Gyanfry is also thankful to them all.

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