Man Who Owns the Most Expensive Number Plate in the world (2022)

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“Why do folks purchase luxury cars” is a common question asked by many people so far.

Perhaps they believe it is a waste of money. But after they purchase one, all the riddles are made clear. Owning a luxury car makes you feel good. The feeling is enjoyable in its own.

You’ll be eager to get in the driver’s seat. After all, a brand-new luxury vehicle offers more than just driving-experience.

But owning a brand-new luxury car is no longer a trend. It is the debate of most expensive number plate now.

Yes, you heard it right! Things like the world’s most expensive number plates exists among us. Luxury care buyers are no longer just satisfied with super-cars.

However, they practically worship them but more than a car, the number plated attached with their luxury automobile is more precious among these wealthy personalities.

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Meet Michael Modecki – California based Photographer, Visual Media Producer and Rare License Plate Broker – who owns the most expensive number plate in the world.

This extremely rare license plate has been branded with the letters “MM” that represents the first letters of Michael Modecki’s own name.

Yes, this time it isn’t UK-based automotive designer Afzal Khaan’s Bugatti Veyron gracing a number plate with “F1” number.

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For a very long time the car registered itself for having the most expensive car number plate in the world with a price nearly $20 million dollars.

Currently, the f1 number plate price in India is around ₹150 Crore in Indian rupees to the date of publishing this article. But this time it is about to reserve itself at the position on the second most expensive car in the world.

Because, the title of the most expensive number plate in the world 2022 goes to Michael Modecki who has decked his ₹5 Crore Lamborghini up with $24 million dollar number plate

In Indian rupee, MM number plate price sits at something ₹180 Crore.

However, the number plate has been listed up for sale on a popular NFT marketplace – OpenSea – with an asking price of 5,888 Ethereum cryptocurrency which is valued approx $24.3 million (₹188 Crore).

But one thing is very obvious that MM is going to create a history if it is ever purchased by someone like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezoz.

After all, owning something this expensive that costs more than the car value is a wholly insane and a daring activity.

So what makes the MM the most expensive number plate in the world?

In California, there are more than 35 million registered cars, each of which has a distinctive licence plate with two to seven characters.

But, according to the “MM” plate website (h/t DuPont Registry), two-character plates are the rarest, notably a number plate with two-character repeating like “MM.”

most expensive number plate in the world

This unique attribute of this license plate practically making it one in a million because according to the sources there are only 35 two-letter plates in existence.

Still, MM number plate turns out way special because by owning this plate you will not just get a registered number for your car, you’re also buying its matching one-of-a-kind NFT.

the nft QR code and token ID inscribed on the worlds most expensive plate number MM 1

Beyond a doubt, when a miracle of crypto currency or blockchain based item is combined, it turns out even more expensive.

It’s worth noting that the plate and piece of digital art is absolutely original. With its QR code ID number and authentication proof etched on the back of the plate, the symbol also serves as proof of ownership.

Apart from this expensive stuff, we also have a celebrity who charges most for endorsing a brand.

He’s the most expensive brand ambassador in the world, so make sure you don’t miss it.

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