So, Do you Know, What were the Most Sold Products on Amazon in November 2023? Let's find out.

#1 Most Popular in Luggage

The Month November Was All About Traveling. This drove popularity to accessories like Shoe Bag purchased by 3900 shoppers, Water Proof Bag, Neck Pillow were popular too

Writing tablet for children, and soft toys were the most items popular in toys category of Amazon in November.

#2 Most Popular in Toy

3# Most Popular in Beauty

Instead of cream, popularity to Amazon’s beauty category was driven by cleansers. Like Vitamin C facewash and deep purifying cleansing gel were popular.

November marks the beginning of shivering winter. As a result, Sales of Full Sleeves Sweatshirts, and Hoodies is rising up on Amazon.

#4 Most Popular in Clothing 

5# Most Popular in Electronic

Surprisingly, Redmi smartphones stayed the most sold product on amazon India in electronic category. Apple USB-C power adaptor was the second most sought-after.

Aside traveling, November month saw rise in Book Sales on Amazon. SSC preparation books at first, and Board Books for kids was second most popular.

#6 Most Popular in Books 

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