India Ranks 5

The List of World's top GDP is out. United States still leads the list with $25.46 Trillion, followed by China at $17.96T. India secure 5th spot.

But, India's per capita GDP is approximately 96.9% lower than that of the United States. According to experts, it is not a big but a huge difference. 

However, United Kingdom Ranks at No. 6, lower than India's No. 5. Still, the per capita GDP of the United Kingdom is approximately 94.7% higher than that of India. 

Even, Italy with a GDP of $2.01043 trillion ranks at number 10, but its GDP Per Capita is standing at $34,053, almost 93.0% higher than India. 

India has a higher GDP but a lower per capita GDP compared to the top 10 countries indicates a significant population factor. As of 2022,  india's popul. is  1,417,173,173 

So, What Does it Mean?

India's higher GDP is driven by its large population. But, when you distribute this wealth among a vast number of people, the per capita share becomes smaller.

disparity between the total GDP and per capita GDP also highlights income inequality or uneven distribution of wealth within the country.

Nigeria, Ghana, and Laos, have per capita GDP between $2,000 - $,2300 but all they rank between top 30 to 130 GDP list. It suggests that the economic prosperity in India is not even. 

India's lower per capita GDP suggests that, on average, people still may have less economic resources available to them compared to countries with higher per capita GDP.