most expensive bike in the world

Usually, bike costs between Rs 1 Lakh - 2 Lakh in India. But do you know that the most expensive bike in the world costs Rs. 91 crore?

Introducing, The Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter - the world's most expensive bike which has reportedly been sold for $11 million at an auction in USA

The Fighter cruiser motorcycle is available in only SILVER Colour and boasts a weight of over 200 kg. Its mileage ranging between 9 to 10 km per liter.

The Neiman Marcus bike is powered by an air-cooled V-Twin engine, and can achieve a top speed of 190 mph. Also entitled as one of the fastest bikes in the world

With Single Rider Only Seat, the bike features Premium Hardware Components, e.g., frame and bodywork crafted entirely from machined aluminum, ensuring a top-notch, high-quality finish.

Officially, only 45 Limited Edition Fighter bikes were made. But, considering powerful performance uncomfortable riding style, it's likely not all 45 are still around.

Neiman Marcus bike auction started at $110,000 but sold for a staggering $11 million. With only 45 units made, its rarity is the primary cause driving up the price.