What is Metaverse? Explained in Simple Words (With Visuals)

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They say that Metaverse is about to revolutionize human life. But It’s also not a big surprise to us?

Owing to so many theories, it seems that the tech miracle has become more than a Buzzword now.

If you are also curious to learn about Metaverse, allow us.

After considerable research work and putting efforts into exploring this new tech regime, we have finally brought you a brief and a simple explanation on Meta Verse.

And since we can’t stretch this long that how much are we excited to disclose more on this, let’s go straight to the article.

Metaverse: Explained in Simple Words

 So what is Metaverse? In simple words, Metaverse combines real-life insights, ideas, and imaginations with the virtual world.

A human is allowed to walk through the virtual streets, stay in buildings, and, most interestingly – connect with families and friends in an entirely digital environment. 


It is as similar to Player Under Battle Ground (PUBG), Grand Theft Auto V, or Fortnite. But it’s worth noting that you will not get those dramatic sci-fi gaming scenes here.

Metaverse mimics the real-world, and Avatars used in Metaverse are supposed to be as similar as a Human in digital world.

But surprisingly, this innovative miracle of tech isn’t as new as you think.

The concept of “METAVERSE” has been floating around for the last few decades. If you aren’t short of time, let’s watch the history. 

The History of Metaverse

The metaverse concept was first coined in 1982 by an author. The author named, Neal Stephenson describes much of it in his sci-fi novel, Snow Crash.


The author defines the Metaverse as parallel to the real world, which isn’t an absolutely accurate statement indeed because this “Virtual World” doesn’t mirror real-world life exactly.

It is for this reason that experts believe that Metaverse is still a 3D representation of the internet for now. 

But it’s worth noting that Neal Stephenson only gives the world an idea about Met Verse.

In reality, there were many good names involved in this whole journey of this digital world.

Such as the First VR Machine

Yes, you heard it right. Virtual Reality Machines are no longer unknown.

Thanks to social media because you might have explored it there if you haven’t experienced VR Machines yet.

Let’s get back to the point.

Originally, VR machines were much older than Metaverse. It was founded in 1957 by Morton Heilig and was named Sensorama Machine.


However, it has been said that Morton Heilig’s discovery of the VR Machine was inspired by scientist Sir Charles Wheatstone’s stereoscopes in 1838.

Stereoscopes generate “binocular vision,” – where you combine two images – one for each eye – to build a 3D scene.


But that’s a long story, though!

Morton Heilig then patented the first head-mounted display in 1960, and now the device becomes a new source of entertainment to the general public.

But unfortunately, it didn’t last that much until an 18-year-old entrepreneur brought something new with VR.

18-Year-Old Boy Contribution to Meta Verse

In 2010, Palmer Luckey – an innovative 18-year-old younger entrepreneur – invented the Oculus Rift VR headset.

And the thing that made it special was its 90-degree field of videos.

Combining computer processing power and virtual screens, the Oculus Rift VR headset reignites people’s interest in VR. (Of course, video-based instrumented has evolved a lot so far).


With the help of this device, Virtual life started becoming a Reality to people; since it’s incredibly real despite the fact that everything you visualize in a VR device is artificially built. 

You see graphics and someone’s built world in these devices, and everything looks real when viewed through VR devices.

But this doesn’t end here.

Facebook, Samsung, SONY, Microsoft – Big Companies Enter the Game

After that, Facebook entered in 2014 to acquire Oculus Rift VR in a $2 billion deal.

Meanwhile, Samsung, SONY, and other big brands too start manufacturing VR devices to toughen the competition.

Hereafter, Microsoft’s HoloLens headsets hit the market in 2016 with a mix of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).

Pokemon GO game is the most suitable example here that did something creative with Augmented Reality games. And we can’t regret that it chased insane popularity.


 Companies in the Digital Industry watched a great potential in Metaverse so far.

And that may be a big reason that compelled Marck Zuckerberg – the founder of Facebook – to change Facebook’s name to Meta.


You heard right! It isn’t Facebook that brings Metaverse to the world.


So yes, Meta Verse is a coincidence and isn’t built by any company as it isn’t a product. But today, it is emerging into a whole new world, and some unique examples are already floating around the internet.

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