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GyanFry welcomes you to this Terms and Conditions Page. GyanFry (an India-based website) provides services in the digital industry. By this Terms and Conditions Statement (As mentioned below), we outline how our website https://www.gyanfry.com provides you services under different circumstances.

By using “GyanFry” services or by entering to its website – https://www.gyanfry.com, mobile app and software, you automatically consent to “Terms and Conditions” statements on this Terms and Conditions Page. Please read all these statements carefully if you are using and/or planning to use “GyanFry” in future.


Please review our Terms and Conditions Page Carefully to get an idea about GyanFry Services and its terms and conditions of usages of its services. You must adhere to


You will be interacting with GyanFry and its services via electronic channels (such as e-mail or other sources) Thus, by this statement, you consent to interact with GyanFry electronically and accept e-mails, messages posted on this site or other sites by GyanFry. You also agree that any legal requirement must be exercised electronically only.


The content you see on the GyanFry website or any of its subsidiaries websites is a property of GyanFry. Such as text, images, graphics, logo or anything you see on our digital face (www.gyanfry.com) is property of “GyanFry”

Thus, by this “Terms and Conditions” statement, please adhere to the copyright regulations. Our site https://www.gyanfry.com is protected by Copyright Laws. If you are found stealing or reusing property of gyanfry.com, we will have an exclusive right to take strict action against you.


GyanFry Trademarks, images, logos, scripts, videos, button icons, blogs and service names can’t be used until GyanFry itself provides you/your/someone with an exclusive right to its trademarks.

Herein, you must note down that GyanFry’s trademarks link with any product or service is strictly prohibited to ensure no confusion or error could be found with the products or services provided by GyanFry via its associated partners or subsidiaries.

Please Note:

Not all trademarks may be owned by “GyanFry”. If you see the brand name, logo, the image of any third party website, brand on the company at GyanFry Service or in connection to its service, you must know that such trademarks are the property of respective owners and GyanFry has no right to permit you for their trademarks in any circumstance.


The GyanFry Services and the features and services available through the GyanFry Services are secured by one or more patents that GyanFry owns. Thereby, any section or subsidiary of GyanFry Services is run under the terms of a patent license only.


Please note that you can use the GyanFry Services for personal usage and non-commercial purposes only. This licence excludes any resale or commercial use in connection to money transactions.

GyanFry Service or its contents can’t be used until permissions are granted via an applicable communication source by Gyanfry Itself. Any collection and use of any GyanFry Service or its contents product will directly imply disrespect to this Terms and Conditions, which is not appreciable.

All rights reserved and retained by GyanFry are granted under strict Conditions of Use.  No GyanFry team nor any partner of GyanFry Service will be allowed to reproduce, duplicate, replicate, resell, sell, or otherwise make GyanFry services available for commercial purposes if no written consent with GyanFry is available. 

You may only use the GyanFry Services in accordance with applicable law. If you have been found not complying with this Terms and Conditions Page, Conditions of Use or other Service Terms, the licences issued by “GyanFry” will be terminated. In its sole discretion, GyanFry Retains the right to refuse service, suspend accounts, re-edit or remove content, or cancel orders.


So far as the material is not strictly prohibited or considered inappropriate, visitors may post comments, share reviews and drop photographs, and other content on our website. You can also send us e-cards and other messages; to make recommendations or share ideas or information you have for our business.

If you don’t adhere to this statement, do submit material or post content, or grant any material to us, your request will be rejected, or your access to our website or any services connected with GyanFry will be automatically terminated.

Please Note:

Please that when you submit any material on our website or connect with us via any electrical medium, you will be genuine and not be using any false ID, tools and software that hides your identity. If you try to do so, your activities will be found misleading or spam, and upon finding any fault, GyanFry Reserves the right to reject your request.


GyanFry Adheres to the Copyright Rules and expects its users and partners to do the same. We respect the intellectual property of the owner, and by this “Term & Conditions” page, you consent that any work you found copied on our website or subsidiaries website in a way and you think that the reproduced material is causing copyright infringement, please notify us immediately.


GyanFry, strive to share accurate, truthful, and error-free information regarding the product in the respective description box. Nevertheless, if you find any error or fault in the product description by this “Terms and Condition” page, you consent that GyanFry isn’t responsible for that. At such events, you may either send us the details regarding the matter via e-mail or any method on our website given to you for communication.


At www.gyanfry.com, you may also see links connected to other websites that may take you to affiliated companies or business sites that are a partner of GyanFry. By this Terms and Condition statement, you consent that “GYANFRY” will not be responsible for any activity on such website (termed as “Third Party” Websites).

In any way, GyanFry isn’t accountable for any actions, product, and content features on Third Party Website. Thus, you should be careful because by visiting “Third Party” websites, you agree to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Request Us For Matters Of Copyright Infringement

While browsing through GyanFry Website or consuming services by GyanFry, if you find any material copied, reused and re-framed for commercial purposes at https://www.gyanfry.com, immediately connect with us.

GyanFry Itself adhere to the rules and regulation that protects users’ right. Thus as soon as you find something wrongly or intentionally reused on “our” website that has been taken from your sources without your permission,  connect with us but make sure you have solid proof and your request adhere to the conditions as stated below. 

  • A description of the copyrighted work
  • Your address, telephone number, and e-mail address
  • A proof stating the copyrighted work belongs to you

As soon as we find your request, we endeavour to remove copyrighted material entirely from our website. If still you aren’t satisfied, you can file a complaint regarding the matter at the applicable law firm. 


Please review all the conditions mentioned in this Terms of Use Page carefully. These terms of conditions are governed by GyanFry Thus, GyanFry Reserve the right to modify, amend or change these conditions at any time without any prior notice.

In any case, or due to any reason you finds these policy invalid, you can leave using the GyanFry website and its services or contact us for any clarification.