Coffee Price Today [Karnataka] April 19, 2024

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Coffee Price Today on April 19, 2024: The coffee market witnessed fluctuations in prices on 18 April 2024 across different varieties in Karnataka. Among the widely traded types such as Robusta Cherry, Robusta Parchment, Arabica Cherry, and Arabica Parchment, varying prices were recorded, ultimately settling at an average price of Rs 12,650 per quintal.

Coffee variety, Robusta Cherry, known for its bold flavor and distinct aroma, recorded prices ranging from Rs 9,800 to Rs 10,300 per quintal. Meanwhile, Robusta Parchment, characterized by its smooth texture, witnessed prices between Rs 15,600 and Rs 16,200 per quintal.

Similarly, the sought-after Arabica Cherry and Arabica Parchment varieties experienced price variations. Arabica Cherry was traded at prices ranging from Rs 9,100 to Rs 9,550 per quintal. On the other hand, Arabica Parchment saw prices fluctuating between Rs 15,800 and Rs 16,200 per quintal.

Amidst this price volatility, the average price of coffee across these varieties stood at Rs 12,650 per quintal.

Coffee Price Today [ April 19, 2024 ]

ProductDateVarietyMarketMin PriceMax PriceAvg price
Coffee18/04/2024Robusta CherryKarnatakaRs 9,800/ QuintalRs 10,300/ QuintalRs 10,050/ Quintal
Coffee18/04/2024Robusta ParchmentKarnatakaRs 15,600/ QuintalRs 16,200/ QuintalRs 15,900/ Quintal
Coffee18/04/2024Arabica CherryKarnatakaRs. 9100/ QuintalRs 9550/ QuintalRs 9325/ Quintal
Coffee18/04/2024Arabica ParchmentKarnatakaRs 15,800/ QuintalRs 16,200/ QuintalRs 16,000/ Quintal

It’s important to note that these prices may change over time due to various factors such as supply and demand dynamics, quality variations, and market trends.

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