Coffee Price Today in Karnataka [Tuesday 18, 2024]

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The coffee price today in Karnataka market fluctuate. Arabica Parchment is priced between Rs 13800 to Rs 14000 per 50KG, while Arabica Cherry ranges from Rs 7750 to Rs 7900 per 50KG.

Robusta Parchment is available at Rs 11400 to Rs 11600 per 50KG, and Robusta Cherry is priced between Rs 6900 to Rs 7150 per 50KG. These price variations reflect the current market dynamics and highlight the range of options available to buyers in Karnataka’s coffee industry.

  • Arabica Parchment : Rs 13800-14000 / 50KG
  • Arabica Cherry : Rs 7750-7900 / 50KG
  • Robusta Parchment : Rs 11400-11600 / 50KG
  • Robusta Cherry : Rs 6900-7150 / 50KG
Sahil Dhimaan
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