The Man Driving Tesla Car With no Driver

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Elon Musk’s tesla cars are drawing world’s attention towards its top-notch abilities. The brand took a unique approach to design a vehicle that’s electricity-powered, and deliver a wonderful driving experience to the drivers.

By launching this smart electric car into the market Tesla Motors provides us a glimpse of its kind vision through its mind-blowing innovations. Amid myriad of benefits that Elon Musk’s Tesla Serves, a specific one which has made the world to hook to this smart electricity-powered car is – Driverless Features.

It’s not requisite for you to be a well-trained driver to driver Tesla Car. Simply turn on the car using smart keys and the car will take you to the destination on its own. People are already amazed of this innovative creation that’s expected to change the future of automobile industry.

But if the driverless feature is a – never seen before thing – to you, stay tuned with us. Recently, a well-known business person from Istanbul, Turkey named Tansu YEĞEN shares a video on Twitter.

The Video had title “Tesla with no-drive amazing” in which we can see a man sitting inside the moving tesla car, the steering is also moving itself whiles the driver is sitting inside and enjoying!

Take a look

As you can see, the front display screen on the car creates a live digital footage of the passing vehicles. However, the driver seems still alert here as car Tesla Motor Car is still facing some trust issues. But one thing is pretty-much sure that in future we are about to see a whole new transformation of Automotive Sector.

Watch more – list of unique features in tesla cars.

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