Farmer Earning Rs 2Cr Per Month, Selling This Ayurvedic Formula

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Farmer turned entrepreneur: Deelip Kumar has recently launched his brand Jeeni Millet Health Mix, focused on providing nutritious products through online platforms. He established the company in 2021 driven by his commitment to improve people’s health and lives with a simple traditional ayurvedic formula who he learnt from his mother in law.

About Deelip kumar

Meet, Deelip Kumar, the co-founder of Jeeni Millet Health Mix – also called, Internet first brand offering multi-category nutritional products. Deelip started this business with an aim of offering organic and nutritious products to the public.

Farmer Earning Rs 2 Crore Per Month, Selling This Ayurvedic Formula

Coming from a farming background, Deelip Kumar encountered various obstacles in his agricultural life. However, his perspective shifted when he visited his mother-in-law’s home and discovered an ayurvedic fluid made from 24 grains cooked in a mud pot.

So, the ayurvedic fluid which he was eating is called Millets Mix. In ayurveda it is called Pathya Ahara which is deemed good for health.

Pathya Ahara or Millets are called pathya (therapeutic) foods in Ayurveda. The veg food is believed to support healthy digestion, promote balanced doshas (Vata, Pitta, & Kapha) according to ayurveda. It also provides nourishment to the body.


Inspired by the amazing benefits of Millets Mix, Deelip Kumar decided to venture on an entrepreneurship journey and launch this amazing product in the market with a vision to deliver the health advantages of these grains to a wider audience.

But, What Was Special About 24 Grains?

24 Grains in Millet Mix is a nutritious blend containing protein, antioxidants, and essential nutrients. It offers various health advantages, including reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Additionally, it’s gluten-free, making it suitable for individuals with celiac disease or those following a gluten-free diet. Below is a chart provided by Jeeni illustrating the potential health benefits of consuming Millet Mix.


Later on, Deelip discovered that additional grains could be added to this ayurvedic delicacy, such as – Brown Top Millet, Kodo Millet, Little Millet, Barnyard Millet, Perl Millet, Foxtail Millet, Proso Millet, Jowar, Green Gram, Urad Dal, Soya Beans, Horse Gram, Ground Nut, Flax Seeds, Maize, Toor dal, Black Pepper, Fenugreek, Barley, Red Rice, Bengal Gram, and assorted pulses & legumes.

Start of Jeeni Millet Mix

Finally in year 2021, Deelip launches this simple ayurvedic cuisine in the market with the name “Jeeni Millet Health Mix”. His product combines nine types of millets with 15 types of pulses and cereals to promote good health.

It all started in Tumkur, Yaragunte Grama, with just a few employees, but thanks to Deelip Kumar’s determination and positive customer feedback, company grew rapidly.

To win the trust of people in his ayurvedic product, Deelip preferred an all natural approach, and kept only organic sources of proteins, iron and much more in the product. He tried to keep it 100% natural, free of preservatives, artificial colors or added sugars.

Deelip’s Marketing Strategy – Free Samples to Doctors

But the challenge was, how to sell? Somewhere Deelip was also aware that until people aren’t aware of his products, he will not make salles.

Selling is the culmination of effective awareness. When people are aware of a product’s benefits, sales naturally follow.

So here, Deelip Kumar used marketing tactics like distributing pamphlets in newspapers and giving free samples to doctors, who then recommended the products to their patients. Gradually, patients also began recognizing Deelip’s simple ayurvedic formula. This led to a surge in demand and the company’s quick expansion.

It is commonly referred to as “awareness-driven sales growth” or simply “awareness-driven sales.” This indicates that the growth in sales is directly correlated with the increased awareness of the product among potential customers.

Conquered Competition [ With A Straight Message ]

If the ayurvedic formula is so simple, then why not anyone started this business before? You may ask. Well, competitors like Manna, Super Foods Millets Power Health Mix, Subio Multigrain Health Mix are already selling same millet mix in the market.

Despite all these, Deelip’s startup is doing well, how? Well, the primary reasons is the Brand Name. Rather than opting a fancy English name, Deelip choose a simple interesting “Jeeni” for his simple ayurvedic product which increase brand recall as more people will remember the brand.

Second, if we look at the Jeeni products on Amazon, they are only centered around Millet Mix.

Jeeni millet mix products on amazon

Here, Deelip utilizes a brand strategy called “product-focused branding” or “single-product branding” in which a brand positions itself in the market with a single winning product.

In this strategy, the brand concentrates its efforts on promoting and building its reputation around one core product that is perceived as a market leader or highly desirable by consumers.

Much like in Jeeni Millet Mix Case where the brand is providing millet mix considering different health requirements of everyone in the family. Such as, their four main products are

  • Jeeni Millet Tradition Mix for All
  • Jeeni Millet for Infant
  • Jeeni Women’s Strong Mix
  • Jeeni Junior Millet Mix

This is specifically helping the brand in establishing a strong association between itself and the successful product, simplifying its marketing message and potentially driving greater customer recognition and loyalty.

However, this clarity lacks in other big brands who now have gone diversified in this millet mix niche. Another differentiator is the pricing for Jeeni. Compared to other brands that are selling similar product at high price, Jeeni is trying to keep its product costing as low as possible.

The remaining sales to the company are driven primarily through referrals and people’s review on amazon. Jeeni is almost becoming a household names because product seems to be satisfying many people on amazon.

Jeeni Millet Mix product review on amazon

Company Generates Rs 2 Crore Per Month in Revenue

Aside, their own website. Majority of the sales to Jeeni products comes from e-commerce giant Flipkart, Amazon, and Meesho. Their product are also available on other websites including their own. Since its inception, Jeeni company has experienced phenomenal growth. From a modest turnover, according to some sources, the company now generates a staggering Rs 2 Crore per month in revenue.

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