Jaipur Startup Converting Rare Coins to Luxury Watches [Each Has a Story!]

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Since its initiation on January 16, 2016, Startup India has spurred a notable increase in innovative and creative startups across the nation. Previously, you expected to receive news about startup companies in Bangalore, recognized as a prominent hub for startups. However, the landscape is evolving, and startup stories are emerging from smaller towns of Rajasthan, such as Jaipur. A prime illustration of this shift is the Jaipur-based startup company – Jaipur Watch Company, recently featured in Shark Tank India as well.

This Jaipur Startup Converts Rare Coins, & Arts Into Luxury Watches

Jaipur Watch Company, specializes in designing, crafting and selling wristwatch for men and women and according to India Retailer, the company’s profit in 2021-2022 was Rs 1.07 crore. But what’s special about this company? Well, unlike other luxury watches brand, the Jaipur startup watches aren’t just decked with premium stones or diamond but a legacy.

Embracing the ‘Make in India’ initiative, Jaipur watch company is the country’s pioneer bespoke micro watch brand growing famous for its uniquely designed wrist watches. Established in 2013, company’s journey began with a simple yet profound idea—to create elegant handcrafted limited edition watches that blend tradition with contemporary design. Here are some of its creations.

#1 The Certified British India One Rupee Coin (1947) Watch

Certified British India One Rupee Coin (1947) Watch by Jaipur Company

The watch named Roman Baagh Gold Plated, blends tradition and modern craftsmanship featuring a dial adorned with a Certified British India One Rupee Coin from 1947, adding a touch of history to your wrist. Powered by a Japanese Miyota 8215 Automatic movement, the watch has been crafted with attention to detail, the 316L Stainless Steel case provides durability, while the AR Coating enhances its appeal. The front and back are protected by scratch-resistant Sapphire crystals. The 22mm Genuine Leather strap adds a touch of elegance and comfort.

#2 Raja Ravi Varma Raampanchayat Photo Watch

Raja Ravi Varma Raampanchayat Photo Watch by Jaipur Startup

Raja Ravi Varma Photo Watch reflects elegance and artistry. According to Jaipur Watch Company, this piece comes with a 316 L Grade Stainless Steel case, Sapphire crystal on both the front and back. The crown features a Sapphire Stone. With a water resistance of 5 ATM, it’s ready to accompany you wherever life takes you.

#3 Yashoda and Krishna by Raja Ravi Varma

Yashoda and Krishna by Raja Ravi Varma Watch By Jaipur Startup

Now, let’s dive into the inspiration behind this watch to the company. Raja Ravi Varma, an extraordinary Indian painter, and artist, is globally known for his paintings which carry a beautiful blend of European academic art and traditional Indian themes. As a member of the royal family of erstwhile Parappanad in Malappuram district, Varma’s legacy lives on in this unique timepiece.

#4 King George VI One Anna Coin Surrounded by Filigree Design Watch

King George VI One Anna Coin Surrounded by Filigree Design Watch

The watch features filigree design which has roots in jewellery dating back to 5000 years. But its hero element is the anna – a small coin used in the past in British India. It was only a small part of a rupee, specifically 1/16th of it. To break it down further, there were four paisa or twelve pies in one anna, making a total of 192 pies in a whole rupee. When they changed the rupee to a new system with 100 paise, one anna became equal to 6.25 paise. Some sources says that a coin is worth a lot if it’s in really good condition.

#5 Hand Painted Watches

Hand Painted Luxury Watches By Jaipur Startup

The jaipur startup collection even featured hand Painted watches which has a round case that’s 43mm wide and made of strong stainless steel. The crown, which you use to adjust the time, is either gold-plated or made of stainless steel. The crystal covering the watch face is made of sapphire, a very durable material.

The dial, or the part with the numbers and hands, is hand-painted by skilled artisans from Jaipur which is the hero section of this piece. This makes each watch unique and carefully crafted.

#6 Peacock & Silver Watches

jaipur watch company peacock and silver watch

In addition to these exclusive editions, the Jaipur Watch Company even test and launches some additional exclusive editions which includes a silver watch, and a peacock feather watch, that’s originally made using real feather.

Starting Price Can Range Anything Between Rs 25,000 – Rs 55,000

From a young age, Gaurav’s fascination with historic Coins & Stamps opened doors to the rich tales of Rajasthan and India. Always tinkering with his father’s tools, he had a unique idea—to craft his own one-of-a-kind timepiece. Thus, the first Coin Watch was born, marking the beginning of a revolution in Luxury Watches. Today, the Jaipur Startup list of customers includes some prominent names like Anupam Kher, Sidharth Malhotra, Arjun Kapoor, KL Rahul and more. Astonishingly, a single watch can start from Rs 25,000 whereas the most expensive watch can touch Rs 100,000 and above benchmark.

The USP of the Indian micro luxury watch brand lies in a story circulating around every watch. Each product tells a unique story through its dial which attracts the customers. The watches are crafted in gold and silver with the finest quality parts, undergo meticulous manufacturing, ensuring they become timeless treasures.

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