Aman Gupta Net Worth 2024: How Rich is Shark Tank India Judge?

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So, what is Aman Gupta Net Worth? Given Aman Gupta’s impressive background and his role as the co-founder and chief marketing officer of boAt, people are curious about his net worth. As a consistent judge on Shark Tank India from season 1 to season 3, people are intrigued not only by Aman Gupta’s business acumen but also by the financial success he has achieved through his ventures, particularly with boAt’s significant presence in the consumer electronics market.

He’s now a prominent figure in the Indian business and startup ecosystem, but fans, and aspiring entrepreneurs, are eager to know the extent of Gupta’s success and the impact it has had on his overall wealth. So let’s unveil.

#1 Aman Gupta Property ‘Owns a Bungalow in South Delhi’

Renowned entrepreneur and boAt co-founder, Aman Gupta, who also serves as a judge on Shark Tank, is not just making waves in the business world but has also made a significant mark in the real estate arena. The entrepreneur is the proud owner of a stunning bungalow situated in the posh locale of Malviya Nagar, South Delhi.

The two-story architectural marvel which adds to Aman Gupta net worth, boasts a minimalist design. The house features a spacious lobby, a terrace garden, and is an epitome of elegance. Aman Gupta, along with his wife Priya Dagar and their two daughters, calls this lavish residence home.

According to reports from Financial Express and Magic Bricks. The property’s estimated value ranges between Rs 8 crore and Rs 15 crore, making it Aman Gupta’s substantial investment in the upscale South Delhi real estate market.

#2 Cars Owned by Shark Tank India Judge “Drives Mercedes-Benz”

Renowned entrepreneur and Shark Tank India judge, Aman Gupta, is not just a savvy investor but also a connoisseur of luxury cars. According to, Aman Gupta is the proud owner of a striking red Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE. Aman Gupta’s current ride, the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE, is a top-tier SUV that offers two impressive AMG versions in India. But Aman Gupta’s automotive passion doesn’t end there.


Reports from GQIndia reveal that the head of boAt Lifestyle likes to travel in style with not just one, but two sets of German wheels from BMW. His collection includes a BMW X1, valued at approximately Rs 55 lakh, and a BMW 7 Series, which starts at a whopping Rs 1.70 crore.

In an exclusive revelation to CarDekho, Aman Gupta expressed his interest in adding a Ferrari to his impressive car collection. With a penchant for luxury and style, it seems that the Shark Tank India judge Aman Gupta Net Worth poised to further elevate in the near future..

#3 boAt Founder Aman is Invested in ’94 Companies’

Shark Tank India Judge Founder Aman Gupta apart from his innovative approach to consumer electronics is well known for his shrewd investment choices. According to, Aman Gupta has proven his mettle as an investor by putting his money into a staggering ’94 Companies.’ This diverse portfolio includes a mix of promising ventures, which contributes significantly to the Aman Gupta net worth.

Digging into the details, this excludes Investments made in shark tank India start-ups. Aman Gupta’s angel profile on reveals that STI Judge’s investments spans across various sectors. From leading the charge in consumer, retail ventures to 24 other sectors, Gupta’s footprint is both broad and impactful.


Notable names in Gupta’s investment portfolio include Shiprocket, Licious, and Vineeta Singh’s owned – SUGAR Cosmetics. With a track record of 2 exits and 2 unicorn investments, Aman Gupta has solidified his position as a billionaire. It’s worth noting that the majority of Gupta’s investments are strategically placed in both India and the United States. .

#4 Aman Gupta Net Worth: Owns ‘a Private Jet’ & ‘Yacht’?

Recent discussions about Aman Gupta net worth have even sparked interest, particularly in connection to the ownership of a private jet and yacht.

Reports suggest that Aman Gupta, a judge on Shark Tank India, has been spotted in the lavish surroundings of a private jet. However, upon closer review, it has been revealed that the private jet in question is not owned by Aman Gupta himself. Instead, it turns out that Gupta just enjoys flying in fancy private jets, and yacht with family, even though he doesn’t own one himself right now.


Further exploration into the matter reveals that Aman Gupta, through his social media presence, has expressed his aspirations of one day owning a private jet. A dream that, according to his own posts, he envisions transforming into a reality in the future. So not right now, but this might be a part of Aman Gupta net worth in the future.

#5 Owns 28.26% Stake in Unicorn boAt

Aman Gupta net worth is intricately tied to his substantial ownership in the audio and wearables brand boAt. Established in 2016, the company specializes in manufacturing headphones, earphones, speakers, and various travel gadgets, earning recognition as the fifth-largest wearable brand globally in 2020.

As of February 2023, Aman Gupta holds a substantial 28.26% stake in boAt, alongside co-founder Sameer Mehta who also owns the same 28.26% stake in the company. Together, they steer the company, contributing significantly to its success. This stake ownership contributes massively to Aman Gupta net worth. Demonstrating robust financial performance, boAt reported an annual revenue of $424 million as of March 31, 2023.


Noteworthy investors, including Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and global growth investor Warburg Pincus, have backed boAt. Looking ahead, boAt, operating under the corporate entity Imagine Marketing Ltd., has ambitious plans for an initial public offering (IPO), seeking a valuation ranging between $1.50 billion to $2 billion, as per information from 5paisa.

#6 How Much Aman Gupta Earns from His Company

As the founder of BoAt Technologies Ltd., Aman Gupta is recognized as a billionaire, which accounts for a big chunk of Aman Gupta’s net worth – reported to be around $87 million (Rs 720 crore in Indian rupees) as of 2023. The primary contributor to his financial success is the BoAt Company, which he established alongside Sameer.

As of January 2024, Aman Gupta’s yearly salary is estimated to be $8 million, equivalent to about 66 crores rupees which according to sources it one of his major earning sources. Notably, he made a substantial investment of more than 100 crores in the second season of Shark Tank India which are believed to be adding more to Aman Gupta’s wealth in the future through ROI.

The exploration of Aman Gupta net worth reveals a multifaceted approach to wealth accumulation. While his lifestyle choices and visionary investments contribute to the allure of his financial portfolio, the backbone of Aman Gupta’s net worth remains firmly rooted in his entrepreneurial success with BoAt Technologies Ltd. As of 2023, Aman Gupta’s net worth stands impressively at $87 million. With a promising trajectory ahead, Aman Gupta’s wealth is poised to grow, fueled by strategic decisions, substantial company investments, and a visionary approach to business.

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