Shark Anupam Mittal Teaches His 6yr Old [Entrepreneurs & Parents Learn]

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Anupam Mittal, the multi-talented Founder and CEO of People Group and, is making waves not only as a successful entrepreneur but also as an influential figure imparting valuable life lessons. Known for his iconic role on Shark Tank India and likened to the Indian version of Avengers’ Tony Stark, Anupam Mittal wears many hats, excelling in his roles as CEO and founder of and the People Group.

With an Instagram following exceeding 1.6 million, Anupam Mittal is a popular judge on Shark Tank India, celebrated for his expertise, humility, and insightful perspectives on businesses and startups. Recently, he took to social media to share an important lesson, not just for aspiring entrepreneurs but for parents as well.

In the heartwarming post, Anupam shared a snapshot with his six-year-old daughter, Alyssa, breaking down the lesson into three crucial elements: Confidence, Commitment, and Celebration, aptly termed as the ‘3Cs.’ He adds a fourth ‘C’ for Champion. The post delves into teaching parents how to instill a winner’s mindset in their kids, imparting money-saving lessons and encouraging task completion through celebrations and victories.

Anupam’s teaching style, coupled with his deep knowledge of startups, industry, and business fundamentals, attracts attention from entrepreneurs and aspiring individuals alike. Born in Mumbai, India, Anupam Mittal pursued his education at Jai Hind College and later graduated from Boston College, Massachusetts, with an MBA in Operations and Strategic Management. His recent social media post serves as a beacon of wisdom, resonating with those eager to embrace a champion’s mindset in both business and parenting.

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