Namita Thapar Made ₹2.27Cr From This Shark Tank Deal [First EXIT]

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How much money do the sharks make from their investments? Do sharks like Namita Thapar profit on Shark Tank? These questions have long been raised since Shark Tank India made its debut on Indian televisions on December 20, 2021.

“Shark Tank” is a TV show where people with new business ideas, called startups, try to raise funding (money) to grow their businesses. The show features a group of affluent investors called “sharks” who attentively listen to these startup pitches.

The sharks decide if the business is worth investing in by determining how much the company is worth. If they like it, they might provide money to the startup, but in return, they get a share of the company. Sharks invest in these businesses believing that they carry the potential to generate massive returns.

During Season 1, Namita Thapar was the investor with the highest number of deals, and Rare Planet was one of her investments.

But In a noteworthy turn of events, Rare Planet, a Consumer Goods, E-commerce, and Retail company, showcased remarkable growth since its appearance on Season 1 of Shark Tank India. From initially being in 4 stores, today, the brand boasts a presence in 50 stores, including prominent outlets like Crossword, Starmark, WH Smith, and SAPNA Books.

During Shark Tank India, Namita Thapar, the director of EMCURE and a respected judge, invested ₹65 lakhs in Rare Planet for a 3% equity stake. This strategic investment has proven to be a game-changer for the startup, catapulting its business into a phase of rapid expansion.

Post the investment, Rare Planet witnessed substantial growth, expanding its product availability to over 50 stores and establishing retail outlets in major airports across India. The company’s success story showcases the potential of strategic partnerships and visionary investments.

Rare Planet’s innovative approach to production sets it apart. The company collaborates with artists who take raw materials home, craft unique products, and then deliver them back. The in-house design team meticulously curates and lists these handcrafted items, which include mugs, copper bottles, cups, plates, and more.


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In a surprising move, Namita Thapar has decided to take an exit from Rare Planet, marking the end of a successful investment journey with the startup. Her initial investment of ₹65 lakhs has now translated into a remarkable ₹2.27Cr, resulting in a substantial 3.5x return on investment.

Namita Thapar herself confirmed the exit through a video shared on her social media accounts. In the video, Namita even shares her experience as a shark tank india judge, people used to say, “Namita kya Shark Tank Deals se Pese Bante hain” (Do you make any money from shark tank india deals).

Namita responds to all those critics with this video. The news of this successful exit underscores the positive impact of entrepreneurial collaborations and investments showcased on platforms like Shark Tank India.

Rare Planet’s journey from a participant in Shark Tank India to a successful exit underlines the potential for growth and success within the entrepreneurial landscape. The company’s unique model and the strategic investment by Namita Thapar have paved the way for a compelling success story in the world of business.

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