Hurray! 4 New Countries to Offer India VISA-free Travel

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Good News for all Indians. The list of visa free countries for India has grown bigger. In 2023, some new countries have made a debut into the list of destination where Indians can access visa-free travels.

Traveling abroad is an exciting adventure, but it comes with certain responsibilities, one of which is obtaining the necessary travel documents. Among these, a travel visa plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth entry into your destination.

A travel visa is often a mandatory requirement for international travellers seeking entry into a foreign country. Without it, individuals may find themselves unable to cross borders.

Each country has its own visa policy, tailored to address specific needs such as managing security concerns, controlling illegal immigration, and reciprocating visa restrictions imposed on their nationals by other countries.

Functions of a Travel Visa Includes –

  1. Tackling Illegal Immigration: Ensuring that only those with valid reasons and proper documentation gain entry into a country.
  2. Managing Security Concerns: Governments use the visa application process to conduct background checks on travellers, helping to identify potential security risks and ensuring the safety of their citizens.
  3. Reciprocating Visa Restrictions: Visa policies often reflect diplomatic agreements between countries. They can be used to reciprocate visa restrictions imposed on a country’s nationals by another nation to maintain balance in international relations.

This highlights the significance of VISA in any country. Without a VISA, you aren’t allowed to enter in a specific country.

But what if we say there are some countries which can be accessed Indian without VISA. Yes, you heard it right. There are 23 countries around the world that offer Visa-free travel for Indians. According to PassportIndex, the list of visa free countries for India 2023 includes 23 countries.

It implies that you can travel to these countries without VISA. As an Indian, you won’t be asked to show VISA or no criminal charges will be imposed against you if you are walking around in these countries without VISA.

But the good news is! This list of visa free countries for India is gradually increasing. Compared to the visa free countries for India 2022, three more new countries have made a debut in this list.

At first number, there’s India’s close neighbour Sri Lanka. The country has introduced a visa-free entry initiative for visitors from India recently on March 2023. Apart from India, Sri Lanka now provides VISA-free access to six other countries which are – China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand.

In addition to Sri Lanka, Indians can now access visa-free travel in Thailand. On November 10, 2023, Thailand announced VISA free travel for India. Aspiring visitors can travel complete for 30 days without VISA in the country.

Recently in August 2023, Vietnam VISA also made headlines. Recently, the country had decided to offer relief on VISA travel policies to over 25+ countries which includes India as well.

For a duration of 90-days, Indians can travel and explore the country using e-visas only. Similarly, starting December 1, 2023, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced that Indians will be able to visit Malaysia without a visa for stays of up to 30 days.

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The number of visa free countries for India is increasing every year. This is happening due to India’s growth in its global reputation, rise in international trades and policies that are growing stronger than before.

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