India Sold More than 3,790,000,000 cars in 2022 

As of 2023, India is the third-biggest global car sales market.

But do you know, which company sells most cars in India? Let us explain

With Over 24,351 Car Units Sold in 2023, Kia India Ranks at no. 5 as the top car selling brand. 

Mahindra Ranks No. 4 by selling over 43,708 car units in 2023. The brand is famous for its Thar. 

Surprisingly, TATA brand isn't the no. 1 but the 3rd biggest car seller of 2023. The brand sold 48,343 car units in the year

By selling an astonishing 55,128 car units in 2023, Hyundai Ranks at No. 2nd, selling most cars in India

Finally, Maruti Suzuki is the no.1 Car Brand which owns the title for being the largest car seller in India. 

In year 2023, Maruti Suzuki Sold A Whopping 1,68,047 car units. Company is a subsidiary of Japan-based Suzuki Motor Corporation,