Zerodha Staff Arrested? What’s the Matter [Viral Video]

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A video circulating on the internet has sent shockwaves to all Zerodha users, depicting what appears to be a police raid at the Zerodha Head Office to arrest the entire team of India’s one of the popular financial services company – specialized in stock market.

The police claim to have a court order for the arrest of all Zerodha team members. Soon after seeing police in-house, the company’s staff gets terrified, unaware, asking themselves, colleges and friends around, “what’s the matter?”

However, it turns out that this shocking scene is not recent at all – it’s a prank video recorded by Zerodha founders a whole 10 years ago. Founder Nithin Kamath shared the full video on his Twitter account (X), inviting viewers to take a look.

Nithin and Nikhil Kamath, the founders of Zerodha, boast a combined net worth of $5.5 billion, making them India’s youngest billionaires. Forbes values their net worth at Rs 45,754.50 crore. People admire their success story because the duo comes from a humble background but gaining the title of “billionaires” now.

Zerodha’s business model, characterized by a “low margin and high-volume model,” involves charging a small fee to traders for transactions, leading to high trading volume and substantial revenue. The company keeps operational costs low through its online platform, technology, and a “No-marketing” policy, which, in turn, contributes to its popularity.

However, the controversy over the prank video has worked as a marketing tactic for Zerodha as most companies utilizes this unique blend of financial achievements and social media controversies to keep the spotlight on their companies.

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