Facebook, Instagram, Down Today [Log out, Log in, Log out, on WhatsApp ]

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“You have been logged out” In a surprising turn of events, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have mysteriously gone dark, leaving millions in India and worldwide in the dark about the sudden outage.

Since evening, people are frantically checking with family and friends to confirm if they’re facing the same issue, sparking concerns about blocked accounts or a potential cyber attack.

With Instagram boasting 1.4 billion users globally, Facebook at 3.3 billion, and WhatsApp connecting 2.78 billion users worldwide, the outage has sent shockwaves across the social media users.

However, an hour has passed but the cause remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving users to wonder if it’s a cyber attack or a planned upgrade by Meta, the parent company overseeing these popular social media platforms – Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.

Amid the chaos, the only social media platforms still working are Google-owned YouTube and Elon Musk’s Twitter. Surprisingly, even Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram’s own Twitter accounts are silent, providing no updates on the situation.

The last and very recent update by Meta owned Whatsapp on their official Twitter Handle was this

As the outage persists for hours, speculation and curiosity mount. Twitter has become the go-to platform for the latest updates so far where people are sharing memes about social media giant outages, but the silence from the affected social media giants keep deepens the mystery.

Users are left to ponder the fate of their beloved platforms and eagerly await an explanation for this unexpected digital blackout.

Sahil Dhimaan
Sahil Dhimaan

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