Behind Shark Tank Set! [Aman Gupta Shares Video] 100s of People Work Backstage

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Shark Tank India, the immensely popular Indian TV show, is all about business, startup, investors, entrepreneurs and new judges. Since its debut in December 2020, it has etched itself into the hearts of Indian households, igniting curiosity in people who also dreams of becoming rich businessperson.

Shark Tank India keeps surprising viewers with new and exciting stuff from season 1 to season 2. Now, in the third season that started on January 22, 2024, there’s a cool new twist to the show. With the addition of six new judges, including industry giants like Ritesh Agarwal of OYO Rooms and Deepinder Goyal of Zomato, the show is reaching new heights. In total, this season boasts 12 judges, blending experienced veterans with dynamic newcomers.

Despite the changes, some judges have been consistent since the first season, including the owner of an Indian consumer electronics company valued at around INR 11,000 Cr as of December 30, 2023.


We are talking about, Aman Gupta, one of the key figures of Shark Tank India. Recently, he shares behind the scenes of the popular Indian Reality TV show. On his Instagram, the billionaire has shared an exclusive video offering a glimpse into the making of Shark Tank India because not only judges but the set is also little new this season.

Alongside STI set, the video showcases the dedication of hundreds of team members who work tirelessly to bring this captivating show to life. Aman Gupta, the founder of boAt and a beloved judge on Shark Tank India, is not just a business mogul but also known for his friendly and humorous demeanor on the judging panel.

Keeping fans in the loop, Aman actively shares updates about the ongoing Season 3 of Shark Tank India on his Instagram, with whopping 1.5 million followers, where he enjoys a vibrant social media presence

One intriguing aspect Aman highlights in his video is that, contrary to the common assumption of a typical room, the reality show is shot on a custom-made, expansive set. A sneak peek behind the scenes reveals the grandeur of the set, exceeding imaginations.

Through this video, Aman Gupta offers viewers a backstage view of Shark Tank India, showcasing the scale and intricacies of the production. Not only does he unveil the vastness of the set, but he also introduces the unsung heroes behind the scenes, including the camera crew actively capturing pitches and judges’ reactions.

Meanwhile, Aman also introduces the invisible faces behind the show—the dedicated crew members, from bosses to leading managers, who work tirelessly to make Shark Tank India a reality.

As Season 3 of Shark Tank India nears its end with 29 gripping episodes, Aman Gupta’s behind-the-scenes glimpses continue to receive massive praise. Fans can anticipate more exciting videos and insights from the judges’ social media profiles as the season wraps up.

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